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Causes of Illnesses

 "If  thou  wilt diligently harken to the voice of the Lord thy God, ...and wilt give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee" (Exodus: 15:26).   The Baha'i Scriptures advised us to first "search for the cause of disease" before treating any illness, (Star of the West, #8, p.252, volume 13) and explained that:  "There are two causes for sickness; one is material, the other spiritual. If the sickness is of the body, a material remedy is needed, if it is of the soul, a spiritual remedy." (AB, PT p.19).
"... the principal causes of disease are physical, for the human body is composed of numerous elements, but in the measure of an especial equilibrium...  if this essential balance... is disturbed ... disease will supervene”
(AB, SAQ p.257 ). 

Are you tired of just continuously treating symptoms with toxic chemicals that have harmful side effects? 
*  Wouldn't it make more sense to eliminate the underlying causes of disease with safe foods, herbs, and nutritional supplements that have been used safely and effectively for thousands of years, and then become totally well?  Click the links to the left to learn about various diseases, their symptoms, and causes.

In the Bible, Hosea (4:6) laments, "My people perish for lack of knowledge…" and I suspect this refers to knowledge about health.

A health survey of the 79 major countries, reported that the US came in 79th. – as the most unhealthy country in the world! But we're number one in the amount of dollars spent on health care, and we're number 1 with the highest rates of cancer, allergies, depression, obesity, heart disease, etc. One out of every two Americans has or had cancer! Do you ever wonder what is causing Americans to have so much more disease than other "less advanced" countries?

When I was searching for answers to all the health problems I had, I found that just about every thing I read on health contradicted every thing else. So I turned to the Holy Scriptures for guidance. I found that most of us are not following God's advice on health because we don't know it or don't understand it.  After carefully examining the Words of God and comparing them to scientific research and my own experimentation, I was able to distinguish truth from error, to find the underlying causes of various diseases, and to find the remedies for all my chronic illnesses, and achieve health and happiness. So I'd like to briefly share information on the general causes of disease.

The many possible causes of health problems include:

  •   Poor diet and nutritional deficiencies – The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of foods grown in soils that are depleted of nutrients and poisoned with toxic chemicals, and then highly processed and denatured.

  •   Build up of toxic chemicals throughout the body - Man-made chemicals, such as pesticides, cleaning products, paint, cosmetics, factory emissions, air pollution, chemicals in processed foods and tap water, anesthesia, and medicinal drugs, combine and accumulate in the body and can cause numerous health problems.

  •   Genetically engineered foods 
    The Bible said: "Let the earth bring forth ...the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind, whose seed is in itself…"
    (Genesis, 1:11) and  "Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: " (Leviticus, 19:19).  Nowhere does it say it's OK to add genes from a foreign species to a food crop or animal to produce a new life form that contains poison in every cell as the biotechnology companies are doing.

    Genetic engineering is a process by which a gene from a foreign species, such as a bacterium, virus, fungus, or even a human, is inserted into a plant or animal using tumor-causing bacteria to get the gene into the desired cell, and then using an infectious virus to activate the gene. During this process the host's DNA (as well as those that eat the host) can become scrambled, causing the development of harmful toxins.  "Genetically engineered foods have been shown to be a cause of allergies, severe chemical sensitivities, obesity, arthritis, toxic reactions, blood disorders, respiratory problems, diabetes, Parkinson's, ADHD, birth defects, brain and nervous system damage, and cancer" (Dr. L. Lynch, 2001, Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods, p. 1).

     There are around 90 GM foods and animal feeds on the market, such as tomatoes, soybeans, corn, wheat, rice, canola oil, cotton seed oil, potatoes, cantaloupe, papaya, crookneck yellow squash, beets, dairy products, alfalfa,, sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavorings, baker’s and Brewer’s yeasts, vitamins, herbs, and some other nutritional supplements, tobacco, and medicinal drugs.  Genetically engineered ingredients can be found in about 80% of processed and restaurant foods.  But they refuse to label them, so we have no way of knowing.

  •    Clogged and coated intestinal tract -  When we eat indigestible substances such as animal products and wheat (gluten), they coat the intestinal tract and prevent the absorption of nutrients and disrupt the process of elimination.

  •  Bacterial, viral and fungal infections - In Deuteronomy 28:22 The Lord warns that those who do not observe all of His commandments and statutes will be smitten with various infections - "consumption, fever, inflammation, and with mildew (a type of fungus);" and says that these illnesses shall pursue them until they perish.  Now, I don't think God is giving us these illnesses as punishment, but is warning of the disease-causing foods and life styles.

     God told Moses to advise against eating vinegar, moist grapes and raisons. (Num. 6:2,3) Why? (1) Vinegar is too acidic and most illnesses are caused by an overly acidic body,  (2) molds and mildew grow in an acidic environment, in the vinegar, in a person whose body is overly acidic, and on moist grapes and on raisons especially.  Mold is one of many types of fungi.  Fungi produce poisonous chemicals that can damage any part of the body, even the brain and nervous system. Fungal infections can be caused not only by foods containing mold, but by antibiotic drugs and cleaning products, by anesthesia, by some other drugs, genetically engineered foods, agricultural chemicals, and by breathing mold in the air. When there is an overgrowth of fungi in a person's body, the immune system can be damaged, glands and organs can be damaged, fatigue sets in, and the mind, moods, and behavior can be negatively affected. And the Bible, (Leviticus 14 in verses 34-57) even warns of the dangers of "a plague" of mold inside the walls of a house, and tells how to remove it.

  •   Glandular malfunctions can cause various illnesses, such as in allergies, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and/or thyroid problems.

  •   Alcohol and tobacco are loaded with toxic chemicals that damage glands and organs, the immune system, cause numerous diseases and mood and behavioral problems.  The Bible warns, "Be not drunk with wine" (Ephesians 5:18) "Woe unto them that…follow strong drink" (Isaiah 5:11).

  •   Insufficient exercise, fresh air, and morning sunshine – when we don't exercise enough, our muscles and joints deteriorate, and our metabolism slows down, causing excess fat.

  •   Chronic stress can damage glands, especially the adrenal glands, cause fatigue, allergies, insomnia, and mood swings.

  •   Malfunctioning digestive, eliminative, and immune systems.

Dr. Lynch works with clients all over the world by phone or in her office.

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 You can click on the links to the left to find information on specific diseases and their symptoms and causes.  

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