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About Dr. Lynch

"Physician heal thyself" ( proverb quoted by Christ, in Luke 4:23)

Dr. Laurie Lynch began independent study of the various aspects of alternative health care over forty years ago.  She earned a doctorate degree in Naturopathy, went through bachelors, masters, and PhD program in Nutrition, is a certified Master Herbalist and Master Iridologist, is certified in Holistic Healing, NLP, Hydrotherapy, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. She studied with many doctors of alternative healing, but said research and experimentation on herself was her best education, since she had been ill most of her life with many diseases such as asthma and allergies, arthritis, cancers, constant infections, diabetes, heart and blood pressure problems.  By experimenting on her self she was able to find the most effective safe remedies and totally regain her health, and has been sharing this knowledge with others since 1984, and practicing hypnotherapy since 1962.

Dr. Lynch is also a writer, and has published books, magazine articles, a weekly newspaper column on healthy living for a year, has appeared as a guest speaker on television shows, radio shows, and hosted 2 of her own radio talk shows.  She has been a guest lecturer at universities and conferences.  She also studied comparative religion and does talks for various churches on health and healing from the Sacred Scriptures backed by scientific research.

Dr. Lynch works with clients all over the world by phone or in her office.  Dr. Lynch works on finding the underlying causes of disease and explains how to eliminate these causes and nourish the body back to health with foods and herbs that have no harmful side effects. 

With a Wellness Consultation with Dr. Lynch, you get a FREE 30 page recipe book, "Healing Food Preparation", and FREE articles published by Dr. Lynch on health issues that pertain to you.

 Call now to start on the path to health! She can be reached at The Living Well health & Education Center, 3342 Legion Rd. Hope Mills, NC  28348  (910) 426-5159.


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