Weight Abnormalities

by Laurie Lynch, ND, CHt.

Ever wonder why it's so hard to loose that excess fat and cellulite?  Have you tried exercise, calorie counting, various weight loss products, and fad diets, but still can't loose?  Many people don't realize that excess fat can be caused by a number of underlying factors other than over-eating and under-exercising.

Obesity has become a steadily increasing epidemic in the U.S. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight, putting them at risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, depression and cancer. "Obesity among US children has increased significantly since 1960 -- by 54% in children aged 6 to 11 and by 40% for adolescents" (The Lancet 2001;357:505-508; http://www.mercola.com/2001/feb/28/obesity_soft_drinks.htm)

Throughout my forty some years of health research and experimentation, I’ve found that the best way to reach and maintain ideal weight is to reach and maintain ideal health.  And the best way to do that is through proper nutrition, exercise, and specific nutritional supplements that are appropriate for each unique individual.  So I’d like to share with you some information that I’ve found to be successful. 

You're probably thinking, "Oh no, I'm going to have to starve again, forever." Well you can relax. I'm not going to tell you any thing like that. According to C. Wayne Callaway, MD., "most extreme low-calorie diets have a diuretic effect in the early stages that causes a large initial weight loss, which is mostly water.”  When the kidneys are depleted of water and minerals, they cause the body to retain fluid.  "The weight loss stops and large water-weight gains may occur” (Tufts, p. 259-60). So I don't approve of starvation diets.

Fad diets are important to avoid; such as those that reduce one or another of the nutrients, notably carbohydrates, could disrupt the metabolism and cause permanent cellular damage or ketosis.  A strictly liquid diet could also lead to serious problems, such as loss of muscle tissue, thyroid imbalances or heart stress,   I also do not recommend drugs for weight loss; the side effects can be too dangerous.  And the American Cancer Society found that those who used artificial sweeteners gained weight (and many got cancer). They seemed to increase the appetite.  So I don't recommend anything artificial either. What I do recommend is my individualized Wellness Program of the right foods, herbs, and nutritional supplements formulated to eliminate of the underlying causes of weight gain.

 So the FIRST STEP TO ATTAINING YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT is finding and eliminating the underlying causes.  The causes for each unique individual can be determined through a Wellness Consultation with Laurie Lynch, ND, [(910) 426-5159] where you get information on the causes that pertain to you and the foods and nutrients that help to eliminate these causes,burn off excess fat, and improve overall health. 

 What are the causes of excess weight gain? 
There are many possible underlying causes of weight gain in addition to overeating and under exercising,

  •   Heredity – Studies have shown that weights of adoptees were similar to their biological parents, "suggesting that environmental factors may have less control over certain aspects of body size than heredity” (Tufts, p. 259).

  •    Glandular weaknesses that can cause excess weight are often inherited.  Examples include hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, adrenal insufficiencies leading to allergies; kidney malfunctions leading to a buildup of fluid in the tissues, and liver damage. When the liver is injured, sufficient amounts of energy‑producing enzymes are unable to be synthesized.  The hypothalamus regulates the desire to eat.  According to Dr. Balch, "Some people who experience an uncontrolled hunger may have damaged brain cells in the hypothalamus".

  •   Allergies, partly caused by weak pancreas and adrenal glands, can contribute to damage to the hypothalamus all of which can cause weight gain. 

  •   Sluggish metabolism - can be inherited or caused by low calorie diets.

  •    "Not enough sleep: People who sleep less than seven hours a night tend to have a higher body mass index (BMI) than people who sleep more. This could be because sleep deprivation alters metabolism. Leptin, the hormone that signals satiety, falls while ghrelin, which signals hunger, rises -- and this boosts appetite. ... If you sleep less than six hours per night you will radically decrease the sensitivity of your insulin receptors, which will raise your insulin levels, which can damage insulin recepters... seriously impair your body's ability to burn and digest fat" (Mericols.com, #875).

  •   "Refined sugars and starches containing too many calories and too little fiber turn into saturated (hard) fats.  Refined sugars, starches and oils lack the vitamins and minerals for their own metabolism.” (Erasmus, p.343).  Eating processed starches and sugar increase insulin levels, which increases storage of carbohydrates as fatt. (This makes it very difficult for you to use your own stored body fat for energy)" (Mercola,  #875).

  •   Infection from bacteria, viruses, and/or fungi are also causes of weight gain, because they can cause fluid retention in the tissues, -cellulite.

  •   Toxic chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical food additives, bactericidal soaps and cleaning products can cause fat and fluid buildup. Studies showed that mice given small amounts of certain pesticides more than doubled their body fat, and gained weight even when they only ate half as much" (Mercola, #875).

  •   Medicinal drugs: "Many types of drugs, including neuroleptics, anticonvulsants, hypertensives, protease inhibitors, and diabetes medications, have been shown to cause weight gain", as well as tranquilizers, insulin, steroids, beta blockers and birth control pills." (International Journal of Obesity November 2006; 309(11): 1585-1594; New Scientist November 3, 2006;Mercola).

  •   Excess estrogen - "Estrogen causes food calories to be stored as fat" (infertilityworkshop.com)

  •   Pollution: Industrial chemicals such as dyes, resins and solvents in the air or water can lead to weight gain.

  •   Psychological causes can often contribute to weight gain. These include the subconscious desire to be protected from sexual harassment, or emotional tension, boredom, habit, the subconscious desire to punish the self, "our lustful appetites", or simply lack of nutritional knowledge. 

  •   Indigestion can cause gas and bloating, the development of pathogenic bacteria, and build up of toxic substances, all of which can increase weight.

  •   Genetically modified foods contain pathogenic viruses,  tumor-causing bacteria, and toxic chemicals such as herbicides, indigestible substances, and allergens that can cause fluid retention.

  •   Animal products -   In 1899, Dr. Rosenfeld showed that the consumption of animal fats high in saturated fats and low in essential fatty acids causes obesity and fatty degeneration of internal organs.

  •   Malnutrition, according to Dr. Balch, could be the main cause of over weight. "When there is inadequate intake of all essential nutrients, fat is not readily or efficiently burned. Fat is burned only if sufficient energy is produced. Energy production depends on almost every known nutrient”. Nutritional deficiencies can cause cravings.  But what we crave is usually not what the body really needs, because we have damaged our instinctual abilities by confusing our system with refined, denatured and inorganic substances.

What are the causes of malnutrition?  
Aside from eating junk food devoid of nutrients, malnutrition can also be caused by a number of other conditions.           
           *  Lack of digestive enzymes
is a common cause.  When we cook food, the enzymes are destroyed. Even so called “fresh” foods loose the    .              .             effectiveness of the enzymes when the food has been stored on the shelf or on the refrigerator for a while.
           *  Improper food combining is another cause of malnutrition because poorly combined foods cannot be properly digested.
           *  Coated intestinal tract can prevent the proper assimilation of nutrients.
  Indigestible foods such as dairy, wheat, and heated vegetable oils can prevent digestion of any foods mixed with them.  Since malnutrition is believed   .              to be the most common cause for excess weight, it's important to start with a proper nutritional program. "Research appears to indicate that it is not .   .              entirely the amount of food eaten that adds weight but the kind of food eaten" (Nutritional Almanac‑p.189).  So we must avoid foods and other substances    .  .              that produce negative nutrition that depletes the system of necessary nutrients.

The SECOND STEP is exercise, both aerobic and specific muscle toning speeds up the metabolism, tones muscles, and reduces inches.

The  THIRD STEP is hypnotherapy, which can make it easy to follow the other three steps.  Through a hypnosis session with Laurie Lynch, ND, CHt  you can gain control of your behavior, change harmful attitudes and habits, learn to love healthy foods and dislike harmful, fattening foods; you can contour your body the way you choose, and relieve stress, feel confident, relaxed, peaceful, and happy,

 The FOURTH STEP is proper nutrition.  Certain foods actually promote weight loss and health in general. To learn how to avoid harmful, fattening foods and to like healing, fat-burning foods, how to combine foods to enhance digestion, and how to space out meals to speed up metabolism and improve digestion, you can call Laurie Lynch, ND for an appointment for a Wellness Consultation @ The Living Well Health Center, (910) 426-5159.
Here's an example of a tasty fat-burning, health-promoting meal:


WEIGHT CONTROL MEAL (use organically grown foods to add nutrients instead of pesticides)
QUINOA (1/3 cup per person)                                                                    GRATED CARROT
BELL PEPPER, green, red, and/or yellow                                                     CELERY
CUCUMBER                                                                                                RADISH
 SUNFLOWER SEEDS or GREEN LENTILS, soaked in water 24 hours   
 BOK CHOY      
(green onion or garlic optional)

Cook quinoa until liquid is absorbed (15-25 minutes).  Finely chop veggies and add to cooked quinoa, add soaked seeds or sprouts, and serve on a bed of mixed greens, such as ROMAINE LETTUCE, ARUGULA, SPINACH, and/or DANDILION GREENS. Sprinkle with dressing.

1/2 part LEMON JUICE                          1/2 part OLIVE OIL                     BRAGGS AMINOS to taste       

Quinoa is a complex carbohydrate, high in B vitamins, and contains easily digested complete protein that helps to regulate blood sugar levels, sustain energy, and give a calming effect.  The fresh raw veggies provide nutrients and enzymes, and speed up the metabolism to burn off fat.

So don't despair, there are safe, painless ways to loose that weight and improve your health and energy level in the process.

A Wellness Consultation also includes 30 pages of good healing food recipes.  Dr. Laurie Lynch can be contacted at the LIVING WELL HEALTH & EDUCATION CENTER, 3342  Legion Rd., Hope Mills, NC, 28348,- (910) 426-5159

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